Thank you for considering contributing to the Noyes House Museum. If you are interesting in becoming a member, please ensure your provided mailing address on the PayPal form matches the mailing address on the Membership Form.

All membership dues are annual.
Individual Membership: $20.00
Family Membership: $30.00
Business Membership: $60.00.
By clicking the PayPal button above, you have the option to donate a custom amount or create or renew a membership. If you wish to also become a member, you must fill out the Google Form as well.

Whether you join at the “Individual Level” or would like to sponsor a major project or renovation, your support is integral to our success and in turn reflects the value of remembering our roots, celebrating our success, and looking towards the future.  We treasure the input of our members. Please contact us with questions or opportunities you would like the historical society to pursue. 


Please consider donating Morrisville related items. As our collections grow, we are able to create engaging exhibits and further explore the history of Morrisville in a variety of ways. When considering a donation, think about the story behind the object. The more you can tell us, the better!

If you have something you are interested in donating, the best way to contact us is via our email: It is best if you can provide context and photographs in the email if possible.

If you would like to make a membership donation you can also mail us at Morristown Historical Society, PO Box 1299, Morrisville, VT, 05672

Thank you!