Our Mission
The Mission of the Noyes House Museum is to enhance the public’s understanding of Lamoille County’s heritage with a particular focus on the Morristown area at the turn of the 20th century through collection, preservation, research and exhibition of historical artifacts.

Our Vision
The Noyes House Museum will develop engaging exhibits, educational programs and electronic communications that inspire a sense of place and history for Morristown by collecting, studying, interpreting, and preserving the region’s cultural heritage.
The museum will strive to improve the buildings and the grounds of the museum to enhance further the overall experience of the visiting public.

Our Core Values
1. Connections — connecting museum to community; connecting community to community.
2. Awareness — awareness of the importance of the community’s history to its future; promoting the importance of the historical society to and within the community.
3. Presence — building a presence in the community through educational programming and in the world community through media.

Board Members
Jill Mudgett, President
Linda Kristan, Vice President
Richard Sargent, Treasurer
Meredith Scott, Secretary
Bill Lizotte
Todd Thomas
Christopher Moks
John Meyer
Josh Goldstein

Tracy Haerther, Museum Director
Jared Trombley, Archivist
Katie Eldred, Museum Assistant